GT Pharmacal is one of a few custom pharmaceutical businesses in India, which specializes in research-oriented pharmaceutical product development. Our business strategy focuses on developing niche generic and specialty pharmaceutical products involving different business models as per the client requirements. We also offer clients a wide range of technology platforms and product services at competitive prices.

GT Pharmacal has expertise and capabilities in product development and manufacturing. We have a team of scientists with an excellent track record of having successfully delivered projects from concept to commercialization. It is supported by a state-of-art R&D division, dedicated team of R&D scientists and manufacturing personnel. The team is committed to maintaining high levels of quality, reliability and transparency in order to meet specifications and expectations. 

GT Pharmacal is developing new drug delivery systems, new dosage formulations, applying new technology for better processes. Our Centre meets clients’ requirements, and is focused on the areas of dosage form development, analytical research and drug delivery systems. We partner with major national and international drug developers and manufacturers with advanced development solutions and capabilities that enable them to deliver safe drugs.GT Pharmacal is equipped to conduct the following processes;

"There is no magic formula to make the perfect product. It is based on a number of factors"

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