Our wide-ranging finished dosage formulations cover every characteristic of human life.

Business Development team leads the evaluation of assets and the execution of agreements to support licensing, acquisitions, ANDA purchase, co-marketing and promotion, and similar strategic alliances. We currently seek opportunities that reflect our strategy of driving success by leveraging expertise and Georgetown Pharmacal will continue to rely on strategic partnerships to create a robust portfolio of products to better serve patients and providers.


Infusion solutions comprise electrolyte and glucose solutions as well as concentrated carbohydrate solutions,
infusion solutions containing electrolytes and substrate solutions for drugs
Premixed i.v. admixtures offer the advantages of preparation-time savings, assurance of properly reconstituted drugs, lengthy expiration dating, and appropriate labeling. GT Pharmacal offers a variety of premixed drugs safety and convenience, along with the dosing confidence of barcoding and environmentally-friendly packaging.

Pain Management

Electrolyte Balance

Sterile solutions for irrigation and rinsing: Irrigation solutions have a wide spectrum of uses in the hospital. A basic distinction is made among the following applications which each call for a different type of irrigation solution and solution container.
Volume replacement solutions based on Dextran and Hydroxyethyl starch (HES) are used to increase plasma volume.


Hemodialysis concentrate solutions - INFOSOL®

Haemodialysis concentrates are used for preparation of dialysis solution, which is used for acute and chronic renal failure treatments.Dialysis fluid consists of purified water, glucose and electrolytes.Dialysis fluid is prepared according to the individual patient’s needs to help regulate their electrolyte and acid–base balance and remove metabolic waste products.GT Pharmacal fluids provides a range of Acid concentrates solutions in 5,5 liters bags.


The success in the treatment of acute renal failure is influenced by the Haemofiltration solution used.INFOHEMO®is a broad range of lactate or lactate free and bicarbonate buffered solutions for a patients with renal insufficiency.The bicarbonate – buffered INFOHEMO is a physiological and buffered solution for metabolic acidosis in patients with renal insufficiency.The bicarbonate-buffered solution normalizes blood bicarbonate levels within the treatment period and reduces the base excess.


Physiological BufferCorrection of metabolic acidosisDirectly available bufferThe broad spectrum of compositions allows finding the optimal solution for your patients’ needs.


The convenient double chamber bag makes the handling easy for the user. The bag material is environmentally friendly.PVC FREELatex free

Overwrapping in gas-impermeable material.

Peritoneal Dialysis


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