Raj Singh

A lover of literature, Raj’s original intention was to become a professor. He was thwarted by a chemistry professor whose mentoring saw other potentials. As a result, Raj started his pharma career interning at Forest Laboratories and was privileged to work with dedicated formulators. Shortly after on his 22nd birthday, he went on to join Endo Pharmaceuticals as part of the original team. In about a decade he helped produce groundbreaking new formulations in pain management and transdermal applications, exceeding Endo Pharmaceuticals gross sales over a billion. As the Global Portfolio Officer of a multibillion dollar Japanese conglomerate he oversaw global operations to implement strategic alliances in pharmaceutics, propelling the company into significant growth since his departure. Raj launched Georgetown Pharmaceuticals in flight from Japan in 2013, with a dedicated vision to help his alliances build a basket of specialized products that drive company sales through volume and progressive growth over time. He holds undergraduate and graduate degrees in Chemistry and Business from Stonybrook University, New York University, as well as certifications from Hofstra University and Harvard University.

The Georgetown team are multicultural, pharmaceutical veterans with over 50 years of combined experience in R&D, technology, patents, and business. Under Raj’s leadership, they are guided to exceed expectations, both within his organization and for his partnerships.

The operational and continuous challenges facing the industry today is pressuring companies to rethink their abilities on how to accelerate growth.There is a great need to reshape, recreate and increase profitability that rests on developing a new paradigm.There should always be a balance between quality and cost. We are keen on maintaining the highest level of quality and providing the competitive advantage to bring our products to market. The road to success is our reality.

Carefully Crafted

“There is no magic formula in creating the perfect product. It is based on a number of factors, including the consumer’s mood”

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